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Updated March 17, 2007


ALM Suite is a suite for developers to plan and control software projects. It delivers in a single installer four basic tools recommended for controlled development with standard integrations between them:

Version Control - Subversion with integration to CruiseControl and RT

Build Automation - CruiseControl with html pages pre-configured with the default Apache instance

Ticket Management - RT (RequestTracker)

Agile Planning - XPlanner

ALM Suite 0.7 is the second release of ALM Suite and adds support for Ubuntu as well as SUSE EL and RHEL. That being said, the installer works just fine on RedHat Fedora Core 4.


Single install command for all four packages

Installs a Subversion project with configuration files to replicate initial set-up

Library conflicts resolved

Port conflicts resolved

Based on SpikeSource servlet stack (to be replaced by native package management)


To add new integration between XPlanner and RT

To replace SpikeSource with non-commercial alternative

To port installer to Debian, Fedora and other user-championed distros

To serve as a stable base for HeadsUp Planner


ALM Suite 0.6
Initial release:
RHEL, SUSE Enterprise Linux
Released September 2006
ALM Suite 0.7
Ubuntu support and integrations
Released  March 2007
ALM Suite 0.8
XP to RT integration
Due Q2 2007

Beyond 0.8 we will add support for native package management as well as other distros like Debian and Gentoo.

About HeadWest:

HeadWest is developing the HeadsUp family of tools to define, plan and control software development so that customers and their requirements are more understandable to the development community and to bring some structure to scope-creep so we can all get along a little more productively. To read more, please visit our web site or send us a mail.